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16 Apr 2015
Florida District Court Grants Department of Labor Extension to Manage H-2B Visa Program

This week, a federal district court in Florida issued an order to allow the Department of Labor to again issue temporary labor certifications under the H-2B visa program, up to May 15, 2015.


14 Apr 2015
USCIS to Begin H-1B Premium Processing on April 27

USCIS will begin premium processing of cap-subject H-1B petitions that requested premium processing on April 27, 2015.


10 Apr 2015
USCIS Extends Grace Period for Using Previous Versions of Form G-28

USCIS has extended its grace period for applicants using prior versions of Form G-28, the Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative to Friday, May 15, 2015.





US Supreme Court overturns discriminatory Defense of Marriage
Act, opening the way for US citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents
and holders of temporary visas to extend immigration benefits to
their same-gendered spouses. 

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